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10 مکان در استانبول

امتیاز کاربران

ستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعال

استانبول شهر توریستی بی نظیر است که میداند چطور میزبان هر مسافر با علایق مختلف باشد. با این حال، این شهر پر از ابنیه و مکانهای تاریخی و فرهنگی است که باید بازدید شود...

Istanbul is a superb host who knows how to accommodate guests of all likings…  But, it does have some particular aspects full of history and culture that all must see. These are the 10 places in Istanbul you must visit!

1- Hagia Sophia Museum

One of Istanbul’s iconic structures, the Hagia Sophia is a cathedral built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. during 532 – 537 A.D. in the old city centre of Istanbul’s historical peninsula. As well as being the world’s oldest cathedral, it was also the largest cathedral in the world for around a thousand years after it was built. Today, it is the fourth largest in terms of area. It is the cathedral that was built in the shortest period of time (5 years) in the world.

2- Topkapı Palace Museum

Topkapı Palace is one of the most romantic palaces on Earth. It is not like Versailles or Dolmabahçe, where you can take one shot to show all of its glory. It reflects more romanticism than it does magnificence. It resembles a fairy-tale suburb more than it does a glorious home. Not to mention it had housed around 4,000 people in the past. The surface of the palace, which is 80,000 m2 today, was once 700,000 m2. The palace was built by Mehmed II the Conqueror in 1478 and was the administrative headquarters for the 600 year-old Ottomans for 400 years.

3- Grand Bazaar

Even if you don’t enjoy tourist sites and crowded bazaars much you won’t be able to resist the charm of the Grand Bazaar. With its unique architectural structure and cafés and restaurants, the Grand Bazaar will perhaps take over your whole day. It is said that nearly half a million people wander through the lanes of the most ancient market place in the world during high seasons. With 91,000,000 million visitors each year, this is the world’s most visited tourist site. The foundation of the Grand Bazaar was laid in 1461. The 30,700 m2 bazaar resembles a huge labyrinth. It has 66 lanes and 4,000 stores inside.

4- Galata Tower

Galata is one of the world’s oldest towers. It was built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius in 528 as a light tower. We recommend to spare good time while visiting Galata tower so you can also wander around the surrounding area. For example, stroll down Istiklal Street towards the tunnel and pass by the music stores. You can shop along the way or take a short break on any street corner selling freshly squeezed fruit juices.  You’ll recognise the pavements of the square near the tower the moment you see it.

5- Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern is such a mysterious and picturesque place that you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a film set. It’s the perfect place to go see during hot summer days as it is naturally cool. You can enter the cistern from a small building on the west of the Hagia Sophia square. The place looks like a forest of columns and has a brick ceiling with cross vaults. It was built during the reign of Justinian I. (527-565) to provide water to the surrounding places and is the largest cistern in Istanbul. It has 336 columns lined as 28 x 12. The level of the water changes depending on the season and water was discharged by the pipes of different heights found on the eastern wall.

6- Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace is a beautiful mix of many European architectural styles. The construction started in 1843 and continued until 1856. The architect of the Palace is Karabet Balyan, Sultan Abdülmecid’s architect. After its construction, Dolmabahçe Palace became home to sultans instead of the romantic and modest Topkapı. The Palace is located on a 250,000 m2 area between the Bosporus and Dolmabahçe Street which extends all the way to Beşiktaş from Kabataş. It is located on the left, at the entrance, while sailing from Maramara Sea towards to Bosporus and is between Üsküdar and Salacak. With a breath-taking view, the palace has beautiful details in every corner.

7- Çırağan Palace

Çırağan means ‘light’ in Persian. This name is a perfect fit for Çırağan Palace because it shines brightly in every aspect. The reason why this name was chosen for the palace is because of the ‘Çırağan Festivities’ that take place at the same spot, a festival of torches. The story of the palace begun in 1834, but due to several changes in decisions and problems, with was completed in 1871 by Sultan Abdülaziz. The contractors of the palace were Sarkis Balyan and his partner Kirkor Nersisyan. It was used as a parliament in 1909 but burned down in 1910.

8- Maiden’s Tower

One of the iconic structures of the Bosporus, the legend of the Maiden’s Tower, built on a small island offshore Salacak, is also very alluring. One of the legends is the Leander’s legend, which it is also named after. This is a love story with a tragic ending, involving Hero and Leander. On a stormy night, Leander sees the light of the tower and leaps in the sea thinking his lover Hero is calling him.

9- Spice Bazaar

Built as a part of the New Mosque complex in 1660, the Spice Bazaar is one of Istanbul’s most busiest points. During the Ottoman period, you could find herbal medicines in this bazaar which sells traditional flavours such as spices, herbal teas, nuts, dried fruits and Turkish delight as well as jewellery, fabrics, baskets and numerous souvenirs today. The Spice Bazaar has been the ultimate place for those who want to collect all sorts of colourful souvenirs from Istanbul for decades.

10- Prince Islands

In Istanbul, but not quite. Prince Islands is a magical place just by Istanbul. Located towards the south offshore the Anatolian side of Istanbul and the north-east side of the Marmara Sea, the archipelago is referred to as Adalar (Islands) in short. It is formed of 9 island of various sizes and two rock formations close to the shore. - since 2010

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